Antonella ruggiero tells about us

On ELLE extra Antonella Ruggiero speaks with great enthusiasm about our jewels that we have made for her on important occasions in her career, and we quote her words in this regard:

<<More than jewellery, they are works of art. I am talking about the unique pieces that Stefano and Daniele Attombri create for me with antique Murano glass beads. Beautiful, poetic and perfect. It is difficult to be amazed by something beautiful today, as beauty is in short supply. They spotted me at the end of a concert in Venice, where they work, and intrigued me. The first things of theirs that I have, necklaces and earrings, are from 2004. The following year they made all the jewellery I wore at Sanremo, including the long earrings and wristbands on the night of the victory>>.

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